Looking for a business in your area? You can find them on the Consumer Buyers Directory (CBD). Each business on the CBD has provided a one-minute video so you can learn more about their products and services. Now you can see and hear the businesses tell you about what they have to offer in their own words. It’s easy and convenient.

So, if you are shopping for a car, or want to try a new restaurant, shop the video directory. Need a realtor, a lawyer or a plumber? Listen to business owners in your area tell their story. Happy shopping.

Three Steps for Businesses to Reach More Customers

Make a Video

  • Schedule a video shoot.
  • Tell consumers about your business.
  • Use your video on website, email, social media, etc.

Get on a Directory

  • Exclusive video landing page with contact and links.
  • Searchable by category, name or keyword.
  • Google map to location.

Boost it on Google

  • Get your video on Google
  • Optimized keyword search
  • Unlimited clicks, 24×7!

Promote your business directly to shoppers in your neighborhood.