For chambers, we build a Consumer Buyers Video Directory and co-brand it with the
chamber*. Members of a chamber receive discounts on all video packages and the chamber
receives commissions when a chamber member contracts for a video and subscribes to the
video directory.

chamb-vidWe also add buttons to the video directory encouraging non-chamber businesses to apply for chamber membership through the chamber’s membership form and website linked directly from the co-branded directory. The video directory helps to increase membership in the chamber. The video price, discount for video services, can often pay for a chamber membership for one year. So the incentive is win-win for the chamber and a non-member business.

Call 540-341-0202 or fill out the contact form for more information.

*Specific contracts apply to chambers, associations and corporations providing costs and guidelines for each video directory. Specific customized application and membership size may affect the base cost of a video directory.