Designed specifically for large insurance companies, multi-branch financial institutions,
hospitals, organizations with large sales forces or any company that has numerous personnel
who connect with the public. We can design a video directory to meet your needs*.

Our video directory is a perfect fit for large businesses that require an organized and
categorized approach with their personnel. The difference between our directories and other directories is that ours uses video as the key component to get the message out.

corp-vidFor example, if you work for a hospital and you want to feature a department head for each healthcare discipline or provide information on active staff physicians, their office hours, locations and health plan participation, and other hospital services, we can build a video directory to fit your needs. If the directory is for a bank or an insurance sales team, we can build a video directory that features videos of the branch officers and the personnel that work there complete with a “video elevator pitch” that can be accessed by customers.

Call 540-341-0202 or fill out the contact form for more information.

*Specific contracts apply to chambers, associations and corporations providing costs and guidelines for each video directory.  Specific customized application and membership size may affect the base cost of a video directory.